About A/Prof Justin Mariani

Dr Justin Mariani was trained as a specialist cardiologist in Melbourne at The Alfred Hospital, and then completed a PhD at Monash University and the Baker Institute. This was followed with an Interventional Heart Failure Fellowship in Toronto, Canada at the University of Toronto. He achieved specialist status as a cardiologist in 2006.

His expertise is in all fields of cardiology, but he has special interest and training in heart failure and cardiomyopathies, surgical implantation and follow-up of devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators (and recognised nationally as a leader in cardiac resynchronisation therapy), and clinical and research interest in haemodynamics (pressure) and cardiac catheterisation.

About Our Practice

Dr Mariani, with his team, aims to provide timely and expert care and medical advice for cardiological problems. For an appointment, or for any queries, please contact his main rooms at (03) 99988300.

For outpatient consultations, Dr Mariani sees patients in consulting rooms. In this setting, simple and complex cardiovascular and internal medical issues are evaluated and management plans formed. This setting also allows time for planning for procedures such as coronary angiograms and pacemaker implantation. Some patients, with complicated issues, are followed long term to ensure optimal care. For other patients, the initial consultation may be all that is required to provide a framework for management for the patient and their referring doctor.

New Patients

At your first consultation with Dr Mariani, we will ask you to complete a new patient registration form and medical questionnaire.

Dr Mariani sees patients (private insured and non-insured) in all settings, and manages inpatients and outpatients at two public hospitals (The Alfred, Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy) and one private hospital (St Vincent’s Private) where he has admitting, coronary care management and procedural rights.

We triage our referrals. Everyone wants to be seen quickly - we know this. However, management of cardiac conditions can be time critical. Further, some issues can be sorted prior to the initial consultation, which may mean that we recommend specific tests prior to the consultation.


Being a consultant cardiologist means Dr Mariani sees and manages patients presenting with conditions of the heart and blood vessels. These can be established conditions (where we know the problem and are treating it and any further issues) or diagnostic problems which require further evaluation along with management.

Often cardiac conditions may present urgently - in this setting, Dr Mariani works in hospitals, including coronary care units, to manage these conditions along with other hospital staff. Sometimes these problems require invasive procedures, many of which Dr Mariani actively performs. Where he does not perform these procedures, for example open heart surgery, Dr Mariani works with other specialists such as cardiac surgeons to ensure the best outcome for patients and their families.

Follow the Links to Learn about Cardiac Conditions

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in Australia. It also causes the most impact to the population and society it terms of cost and quality of life. We also know that patient will do better if they know about their conditions, and understand the causes that contribute and the management - especially where they can make a difference.

There are lots of great resources online, but some are incorrect or provide bad advice. Think about downloading the HON add-on for google chrome. It is a tool that allows assessment of content verified medical websites.

Some relevant websites:

Heart Foundation - has some very good patient resources
Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand
Arrhythmia Alliance - this is a great resource for patients with arrhythmias

Follow the Links to Access Information about Cardiac Procedures