Bairnsdale Hospital Consulting Rooms

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A/Prof Justin Mariani consults at Bairnsdale Hospital on a monthly basis, and provides a general cardiology consulting service along with a pacemaker clinic. He is also on the reporting roster for echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram services.

For referrals to Bairnsdale - please fax to 03 99988300.

All referrals are handled in the main rooms.

Dr Mariani established the Bairnsdale Cardiology practice in 2006, and was later joined by and continues to be supported by Drs David Bertovic and James Shaw. Dr Mariani also works closely with the resident physicians in Bairnsdale (Dr Marcel Van Der Heiden and Dr Kush Gunaratne) and cardiac rehab specialist, Dr David McConachy.

There are agreements in place between Bairnsdale Hospital and Alfred Hospital for urgent inpatient transfers. As Dr Mariani also works at St Vincent's Hospital, transfer to this centre can also be facilitated where needed. Sometimes, patients from Bairnsdale and East Gippsland need to be transferred to hospitals with which we don't have a direct relationship.

Privately insured patients have the extra option of St Vincent's Private where Dr Mariani performs procedures as well. Where possible, all patients managed by Dr Mariani in Melbourne will be followed in Bairnsdale.

Sean Priestly, from Precision Cardiac Imaging, runs the echocardiogram service in Bairnsdale, and is the Echocardiographer who performs the echocardiogram scans, although other visiting Cardiac Techs also assist Sean.

The waiting list for new patients in Bairnsdale can be very long. We have established a centralised booking service through the East Melbourne rooms.
We triage all referrals - it is preferred if referrals are sent direct to these rooms. GPs and/or patients who feel patients need rapid assessment should contact Dr Mariani’s rooms directly so that triage and management can be performed. We work closely with Bairnsdale Hospital and the other centres in East Gippsland to try and expedite urgent patients.

As an added service, Dr Mariani can undertake
Telehealth services with patients using video teleconferencing (essentially Skype). We have undertaken this service with clinics from Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance, Paynesville, Orbost, Swift's Creek, Omeo, Mallacoota, Sale, Maffra and Heyfield, and other towns. Please discuss with your GP if you feel that a Telehealth conference may be required. He is also involved with the Telehealth service that the Alfred hospital is establishing for early follow-up of patients with Alfred Hospital medical staff.

Other services that have been introduced in Bairnsdale over the last 10 years include pacemaker clinics (all device types except Sorin, along with Carelink Express and Merlin on Demand in the Emergency room at Bairnsdale Hospital and also Mallacoota), CT coronary angiography (through i-Med), and technical support for pacemaker patients who need MRIs in Bairnsdale (there is a 1.5T magnet).